Hi Everyone,

Glad to introduce our new reflective and creation umbrella set to you.



On the left page, you could see our reflective umbrella set for whole family care, with its name “KNIGHT FOR THE RAINY NIGHT”.

KS-11015 it’s a standard 23inch*8panel stick umbrella, the size is just perfect for man use. A soft-touching rubberlized handle with classic metal ring on it, provides both nice handle feeling and luxury outlooking. The whole structure is made of full fiberglass frame and strong metal shaft, it shows a high wind resistance ability in bad weather. The stripe reflective screen print is what we newly developed this year, gives full protection for kings walking at night.

KS-31060, it’s a standard 21.5inch*8panel 3 sec auto open umbrella, good for lady use and easy to carry. The metal/fiberglass frame system provides windproof function, while the classic dot reflective screen print gives full protection for queens dancing at night.

KS-15041, the size 19inch*8panels is made for kid age from 3-6, while the safe design manual open frame and ribs is proved to be a wise choice for your little prince and princess. The whole panel is covered by cute star reflective screen print, full protection for stars flying at night.

KS-13076 is our radiation design promotional umbrella, the radiation line is just like the mind, flowing to the horizon. While the whole frame and handle is also matching the line’s color, a fully sport design and especially matching car item promotion customers.

For this family set umbrellas, we have put a lot of heart on it, to make it both good in use and nice in looking, just as our motto – comprehensive care for your life.

On the right page, they are our new creation umbrellas.

KS-15043, it’s an interesting idea as you could see there is only one panel with color, while black and white for others. Kid is always full with imagination, why gives them more chance to let their nature come out. Just carry a pen with your kid, to drw the most colorful umbrella with your children : )


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, the Covid-19 has changed our life a lot. From the fear at first, then get used to home-life, but finally we will all beat down this virus and back to regular life. And suddenly an idea comes to my mind that I want to make something. And here it is, mask umbrella. This umbrella is meant for our kids, the virus locked them home like this masks cover their face. My daughter asked months ago “daddy why we have to stay at home, I want to go out and play”. What made her confused made us worried, but please believe in God and believe in love, they are coming as the rain, to wash down the masks and kid’s smile will appear again(the watermagic print becomes transparent when get wet). This had happened to us, and will also come to you.


So these are our new umbrella for this season, hope you like them.


Peace and love, good luck to you all : )



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