Hi Everyone,

Welcome to our car umbrella promotion combo set.

On the left page, you could find car promotion umbrellas evolution. Starting from KS-14010, the best seller basic mould super windproof umbrella, you could find more updated choices with other pictures.

KS-14082, full color matching frame and ribs and shaft, totally sport design. While please also check with our new handle this year, the black nickel shield-shape button and color plate just matches the handle too well. While you could also find a reflective tape all around the panel, safe is always on the first position.

KS-14091, this handle is expensive but loved by top-range buyers, the streamline shape handle not only looks like a sport-car, but also provide a terrific fitting for man’s hand. What’s more, the water-transferred finishing plate on it equals the word classic.

KS-33128, the whole structure is made as the reverse umbrella(I think you are already quite familiar with the stick reverse umbrella) but in short version, confirming you pants will not get wet by the rainy umbrella. A triple line design handle and the reflective tape is also the standard matching for a car umbrella.

KS-33134, it’s the short version of KS-14082, shares the same feature with different choice.

KS-14096, this is a more customized umbrella, as the panel is ordered by our client who is dealing with car, with the design blue and grey line showing speed and passion. The handle is tires shape with a comfortable rubber finishing.

On the right part, there are suitable designs to meet your different requirements for daily car life, and we are at your service 7X24 for you to know these umbrellas better.

Thank you and good luck to you all.


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