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umbrella research 1# – What I found after Searching 30 Umbrella Websites!

This article is from a internet researcher, we always like study their report to know what the umbrella trend now, which maybe helpful for our customer’s development

Umbrellas are like a Kleenex. A person does not think about them until they suddenly need one. In an unexpected downpour, a reliable umbrella is a welcome convenience. Evidence shows that umbrellas existed thousands of years ago in ancient civilizations. The first umbrellas were made from paper and silk. These umbrellas were used as sunshades and decorative accessories. The Chinese discovered umbrellas could be used for rain protection in the 11th Century B.C.

In 2018, the world market trade-in umbrellas was over $2.9 billion. Popular umbrella research shows China was the largest exporter of umbrellas. The Chinese market is worth over $2.3 billion. Germany was a distant second in the umbrella export business, with a market value of over $76 million. In the same year, the United States was the largest umbrella importer with a market of over $500 million. Japan was the second-largest importer, with a market value greater than $270 million.

Currently, popular umbrella research shows several types of umbrellas are available. Companies manufacture classic umbrellas with either a straight or foldable shaft. Shafts are made from wood, metal, or polyester materials. Manufacturers use a microfiber fabric to make the canopies. Compact umbrellas are smaller and more convenient. Bubble umbrellas have tall canopies and are usually made from transparent plastic. Fashion umbrellas target consumer’s tastes, and practicality is not the primary concern. Funny or gadget umbrellas appeal to some consumers who want to show the world what they like. Golf umbrellas are sturdy and usually have at least a 70-inch canopy.

Choosing an umbrella can feel overwhelming. The first step is understanding the consumer’s needs. Is the customer traveling and needing a lightweight and compact umbrella? Does the consumer live in a climate where the rain is never more than a drizzle, or are there seasonal monsoons? All these factors are important parts of the umbrella decision-making process.

Consumers decide what product works best in their climate when purchasing an umbrella. After making those decisions, the purchaser moves on to umbrella fundamentals. Is there a preference for a walking length or folding umbrella? Should the opening be automatic or manual? What is the best canopy size to meet the consumer’s needs?

Following are some of the most popular recommendations for several umbrella categories.

Stick Umbrella

The Davek Elite Umbrella has a stellar reputation because of its sturdy construction. They make the shaft with high-quality fiberglass. The company then adds a leather handle and a 50-inch wind-resistant canopy. The company prides itself on using high-grade components. Consumers like the stylish design and durability of the product.

Compact Umbrella

The Repel Double Vented Windproof Automatic Travel Umbrella is highly rated. Customers like the one-handed operation of this compact umbrella. Because this small umbrella weighs less than one pound, it is easy to pack into a suitcase or purse. Consumers also confirm the umbrella dries quickly for easy storage.

Golf Umbrella

The G4Free Automatic Double Canopy Golf Umbrella is a best-selling golf umbrella. With several size canopy choices, the golfer or any user is safe from the elements. Consumers praise the double canopy because it makes the umbrella more wind-resistant. The auto-open feature is quick and convenient for sudden showers.

Men’s Umbrellas

One of the highest-rated men’s umbrellas is London Undercover. Consumers praise the wood handle and leather and brass fasteners. The umbrella is made from 100% recycled fabric. The steel frame is sturdy and durable. London Undercover works hard to maintain a reputation for high-quality and durable umbrellas.

Women’s Umbrellas

Designers like Chanel, Burberry, and Louis Vuitton all offer umbrella lines. Some of the designer umbrellas are expensive. One of the less expensive popular designs is the Anuschka umbrella for women. Women like this product because of the many different styles and colors. The canopy lining contains UV protection. This umbrella receives consistently high ratings for quality and ease of use.

Children’s Umbrellas

Children’s umbrellas can be fun, but need to be safe as well. Typically, children’s umbrellas are smaller, lighter weight, and have a shorter shaft. These umbrellas appeal to children because of the bright colors and designs. One of the most popular children’s umbrellas is the Totes Kids Clear Bubble Umbrella. The umbrella comes in clear, colors, or children’s characters’ designs. The handle is made from clear plastic and designed to fit small hands.

Umbrellas for Daily Use

The Windguard Auto Open/Close Umbrella is an excellent choice for a daily use an umbrella. With a Teflon coated canopy, the umbrella is durable and wind-resistant. Customers like the larger canopy coverage and foldable shaft. The Windguard is made of high-quality parts. Customers also say the product is lightweight and easy to carry.

Umbrellas for Night Use

The Bestkee LED Light Up Umbrella is an excellent night use umbrella. The shaft has seven different LED colors controlled by an on/off button. Also, a built-in handle flashlight increases safety. Consumers praise the product’s durability. They often comment on the uniqueness and fun factor of this umbrella.

How to Buy Umbrellas

Umbrellas are popular around the world. In 2019, umbrella sales topped 33 million in the United States. Consumers can buy from a wide assortment of retailers who offer every price range. Many online and in-store retailers sell umbrellas. A large variety of product designs meet every consumer’s taste. Customers can buy products from local and national companies.

Umbrella wholesalers can buy from intermediaries or directly from manufacturers. It is possible to import umbrellas directly from China. The import process may be cumbersome, importers must register with the government and find a reliable supplier. But the advantage is also obvious, that you could get more competitive umbrellas and also fashion designs.

The first umbrellas were sun coverings made from palm leaves and sticks. The umbrellas of today are more efficient and versatile. They do an excellent job of protecting people from the sun, wind, rain, and weather elements. Umbrellas can be a fashion statement or completely practical. The umbrella choice is entirely up to the consumer.

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umbrella research 1# – What I found after Searching 30 Umbrella Websites!

umbrella research 1# – What I found after Searching 30 Umbrella Websites!

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